Competitors backlink analysis

There’s many tools out there to analyze backlinks of our competitors but instead of providing the list of backlinks, can any tool provide the exact backlink from where the actual traffic is generated or helps to get a good rank.

Hi Daniel, are you talking about a tool like Alexa?

if they do what was asked, I missed it

You can use open site explorer for the detail of

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I always like to use Ranksignals which is very nice tool to check competitors back links and for doing seo of my site

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Please read the question carefully before replying.

@DanielFitzherbert is not asking for a tool to check his competitors’ backlinks. He’s asking very specifically if there is any way to know how much traffic those backlinks are providing. Please only post details of tools which meet this requirement.

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Hello LaurenH,
it’s not about alexa. Actually I am looking for the tools which not only gives the backlinks of our competitors but also provides the details that, from which backlink the actual traffic is generated or generating. Because these sites will likely have a diverse set of quality backlinks pointing to the site. Links that you want pointing to your site :blush: Hope you got my point and thanks for your contribution.

Try Nibbler. That should help you.

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I would recommend moz link explorer and magestic seo this are the top two in the amrcket in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Try Google Analytics dear…it will help you…

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@brianpaul - I don’t use Google Analytics, but I’m pretty sure it only allows you to analyse your own site(s) and visitors. If you know of a way to use it to achieve what the OP is asking for, then please give more details.

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ohhh i just thought he is asking for analysis…my mistake :sunglasses:

you can try ahrefs and open site explore but both are paid tools.
if you want free tool then you try backlinktest.

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Try open site explore … it will helpful

Huh? never heard of this

Please read the thread carefully before replying, and ensure any suggestions (a) will actually do what the OP has asked for and (b) have not already been suggested. (Unless of course, you have something significant to add about the best way to use the tool, or some other helpful information.)

Thank you.

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You can analysis you competitors back links many ways.

In Google - use below query to find back links of the website or web page.

link: (limited results of the back links)

You can use some online analysis tools to found competitors back links.


Thanks to all who responded. The OP is no longer with us, so there is no point in continuing to look for solutions to their problem.

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