SEO tools?

hi ,

im dabbling in seoing my own site.

Are there any tools / progrmas available that can automate this process OR help with identifying issues etc?

Any tool in particular you are after?

I’ve always enjoyed what SEOmoz has to offer. But depends on what SEO tools you are after.

I’m moving your thread to the Internet Marketing forum, as it’s SEO-related. You will also find plenty of information in the stickies of that forum to get you started. Happy reading. :slight_smile:

If you have no previous SEO experience and want to optimize your website yourself, you should start with reading about SEO basics - Google Starter guide is a great place to start.

Also you can try a number of SEO tools - free for a start - to guide you through the SEO process:

  1. Google Analytics. Make sure you have it set up. It’s pretty straightforward to use, and there’s enough training/support provided in case you have questions. Use it to estimate your traffic and see where people come from and what content they land to.

  2. Google Webmaster Tools. Use them to see your keywords and backlinks.

  3. Rank Tracker (from LinkAssistant). The free version (not trial, really free without time limit) is perfect to track your rankings and do keyword research.

  4. SEO Spyglass. Use it to see what backlinks make your competitors strong and get similar ones!

I’ve never heard of Spyglass, I’ll check this out, thanks for mentioning it. I’m using all the other free tools available.

Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool are most important tools for any webmaster or SEO.
Beside them there are various tools also which are important to a SEO:-
Keyword Density Checker
Reciprocol Link Checker
Rank Tracker
SEO toolbar

That Spyglass thing sounds good, but if I’m going to use it, I’d rather keep it as something that would just “spy” on my competitors’ backlinks. If ever I see what makes them strong, then I would just have to do things the way that it should be done: relationship building. I know this is a little bit out-of-topic, but I think it’s a bit related since relationship building can be a great catalyst for your link building efforts.

I would recommend not to automate SEO at any cost. It will hurt your whole optimization strategies and you won’t get visible in search ranking.

I’m glad I had the chance to open this thread. I was also looking for additional marketing tools for my own site. Is this all free?

SEO Spyglass, SeoQuake, SenukeX, Scrapebox, Google webmaster tools, Google Analytics,… - for improving you site’s speed - for stealing keywords from competitors

  1. Google keyword tool & SEMrush for keyword research ( i tend to use semrush because the Google tool figures for search volume are way off some times…)
  2. Google analytics, webmaster tools & seomoz for traffic stats, tracking keywords- improving optimization & conversion
  3. Majestic SEO for link drilling, competitor analysis etc

So far i believe SEOspyglass would be the best SEO tools that provide you a complete SEO results and even your competitors. The best part is i admit that it is the best tool to check backlink for your website and your competitors.
It will charges for the usage but you can try for the free one first to make further decision.

Lots of SEO Tools are available in the market. But, I’ll suggest you that you can work manually. Tools help to give some ideas or help to save some time to analysis the website. Following are the famous SEO Tools.
seochate etc.

Hi, besides the ones mentioned so far, I used to use “sistrix” a lot which was actually pretty good but I found a new one called “sitefactor”… both have been recommended to me by a German friend of mine and he says they are pretty well known over there. Don#t know where sistrix is based but they got an English version available, unfortunately there is only a German sitefactor version right now. I did some research and finally spoke to the sitefactor support. BTW, the agency behind this is seonative. Anyways, they were very helpful and told me that the tool will be available in various languages by the end of this summer. There is a free 30 day trial option already…I don#t think ya’ll have any problems language wise because those most important terms are international anyway…give it a shot…it worked out great for me and I will keep using both tools for differnt purposes. Here are two screenshots so you know what I am talkin bout… and here the screen for sitefactor [URL=“”]

I would say automating the SEO process is not good for long term. You should use various tools available free or paid. Free tools like Google Adwords is best. Apart from this tool like SERPAnalytics ( As a Full SERP Monitoring tool), SEMRUSH ,Keywordspy etc are some of the good tools to use. Along with tool use Firefox addons like SERPTrends etc. , this will give you run time analytics.

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