Need Help With Competitor Analysis

I just started to new website promotion it’s about travel which is an wide area can i have your suggestion the things i need to concentrate with competitor and what tools i can use to check back links , keywords etc

Their are various tools with which you can do competitor analysis like you can use WooRank is also a good website which can help you to analyze any website.
Main thing you need to do is to find your competitors and once you have list of competitors then study about the kind of keywords they are using and backlinks.

We have a thread stuck to the top of this thread that details Competitive Analysis. Have you read this?

Thanks Emily i checked those tool looks good and backlinkwatch which list same domain url continuously how we can check the unique domain links

  • ahref DOT com is also one of the best tool for checking back links
  • Regularly check what your competitors are following, how they are promoting their websites.
  • Take Long tile Keywords to target your website for good results on SERPs …

I would suggest for checking backlinks of competitors. For promotional activity, I would advice you to create social profiles and be active in every social profile you create, which would drive you traffic and popularity.

Great thanks i have checked with ahref and not worked mostly with social profiles will check them too

You can also do competitive analysis through Apart from backlinks you must concentrate on traffic to your website that will help you in achieving goals or conversions.

You can check backlinks of your competitor by using these tools:

Traffic wins all really. After P2.1 my site lost a fer keywords I thought were vital, however the traffic and earning went up. The lesson I took from that was “research, research, research”. I clearly hadn’t understood what terms and phrases my main buying traffic was coming from.