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Hi there!

We are working on a new project that will be a big information system. This is a bit of navigation, depending on the user’s needs, using neural networks. A quick way to find a nearby bank, broker, insurance company. Companies that can provide exactly the service that user need. For example, a mortgage or bitcoins. That will allow users to save their money.

There is no new idea but there are interesting nuances and the project is under deep development now. We have a temporary page at It made in the same style as the future site. What do you have to say? The main idea is to show the ease and peace of mind. What emotions do you have? Write everything that comes to mind. A lot of work has been done and I would like to achieve the goal.

All comments are welcome.

First impression, I like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then I was somewhat confused when the entrance language options were only Chinese and Spanish. The English button then replaced the button I tested. Surprise.

(By the way; all three languages has the same "lang=“en” in the html.)

The color scheme is nice so far.
I love the flourishing dollar sign!

One downside though:
The too blurry background doesn’t tell me much about the site/service.

I usually leave sites that obfuscate the content or where I’m expected to enter without knowing what to expect.

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Thank you! The background image is a blurry version of the image that will be used on the site when we launch it. Some intrigue, perhaps. But your comment on this is helpful. I did not think about it!

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I like the concept. Design doesn’t pressure me. But I see that when I like @Erik_J switched between versions (Chinese, Spanish and English) the text on the screen constantly jumped. It does not give the impression of quality. I think you should spend more time working on the text. That would be great.

Your html is perfect -
As well a speed -

Keep it up!

As @rackmillnot mentioned, the centering of the welcome content is causing the different texts to move horizontally when switching language, which is disturbing.

With the Inspector tool I tested to justify content to flex-start and set a suitable margin-left on the logo to steadily position the left side of the text and buttons. That fixed the issue for me.

Though I guess in the future site, choosing language will take the user to a content page so no one would ever notice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good advice. I’ll try to solve it with a little effort. Thank you!

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