Can you give me some feedback on our website landing page redesign?

This page is intended to be a lead gen price comparison service by an established US business network provider.

Hi @Nathan_Hill_Haimes, and welcome to the forums.

I’ve moved your post to the Design & UX category, which is more appropriate. To get meaningful reviews, could you please add a little more about the kind of feedback you’re looking for? Is it on the general design or layout, usability or the content? Is there some specific part you would like people to concentrate on?

The more information you can give about what you want, the easier it is for members to give you genuinely helpful feedback.

Thanks TechnoBear for the pointers. The areas I’m focused on are:

  1. engaging the target audience with the headline: does it compel you to fill out the form?
  2. is the page easy to use? I want it to be as intuitive as possible
  3. do users instinctively get what we are offering - is the messaging well communicated


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Screen dump from Nexus Moto G shows error in portrait mode but not in landscape.

Also the English GBP sign showing instead of the American USD.

Thanks, we’d missed that we’ll get it fixed now! :slight_smile:

We fixed the rendering on mobile now, its much better; thanks again!!