New Website Feedback needed

Hi Guys,

We have launched our new website What you guys think on the site design, content and flow. What improvements we should target. Looking for a constructive feedback.


Welcome to the forums, @maverick_metro. smile


That gives me a very poor first impression. frown If I need to enable JavaScript to use the functionality of the site, that’s a different matter, but I expect to be able to see the content first, so I can make an informed decision.

I would also say that relying on JavaScript to display content is not a smart move:

I like it because I understand what it is about. I’ve been looking for somewhere safe in the city center (in another country though) where I can leave my computer over the night.

work equipment

That means I could safely store my laptop in your … locker? over the night?


It’s too expensive for my use case :- ) I can rent a desk & a locker at a coworking space a month, for $5.90 x 30 days.

I’d change this to me weird title: " Magic Starts Here" to just “Book online”. And the same for the 2 other how-it-works squares.

I like the colors & design.

From a business perspective why would I use your service as opposed to just leaving my stuff in a hotel room?

The menu looks too big and does not go with the search section. Also, the logo is too big in the page.

Don’t think the idea of replacing your top menu with a search bar makes sense entirely;your registration link is then gone, and can’t be found elsewhere on the page.

Phraseology: “How it works?” isn’t proper English, which makes your site feel unprofessional.

Our Cities page should be responsive to screen width, it feels small and cramped.

Your accordion breaks if someone clicks outside of it after opening a section.

Don’t try and be trendy with slang if you cant pull it off. ( “You know we got your back(g) .”). It just looks cringey and unprofessional.

Hi, it has well-thought content. Must continuously have updates:)