Style detector?

What is a good tool to use, for when you see a website and you’re interested in how something on that website got a particular styling please?

Most borwsers allow you to view the “Source Code” of a page. If there is no styling in the html, there will be a link to the css file which can also be viewed.
In addition, most browsers have “Developer Tools” which allow you to examine the code.
Firefox has “Inspect Element” which is useful for this. Right-click an element on the page, choose “Inspect Element” and you see the code and the css applied to it. You can also edit the css to see the effect, which can be useful for trouble shooting.

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If you are using Chrome you can find tutorials on the web inspector that Sam mentioned above and is the easiest way to work out what styles are being applied to elements.

It does take a little bit of practice but it does give you more or less everything you need to know. (Other browsers have similar tools and Firefox is pretty good and even IE has developer tools although they are not as easy to use as the others).

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Thanks Paul and Sam, problem solved.

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