Seeing font sizes and styles

How do you view the font sizes and styles in someone elses website, very quickly and easily please?

Developer tools in the browser, or Firebug, is probably the quickest way.

The Web Developer Toolbar has a “view CSS” option which will allow you to see all CSS for a page.

Thanks TB, I did try that, but it wasn’t very easy to see the font size and style for the text I highlighted / hovered over?

Which? I made three suggestions.

Is this any better?

(That works well for me on static sites, but not at all on heavily-JS dependent sites like Slack or this forum.)


Sorry, instead of saying “I did try that,” I should have said I did try them.

I have also tried the whatfont from your latest link, but it only shows the style?


It shows the font name on hover, and if you then click, it shows full information.

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Oh, I didn’t realize that - I couldn’t see anything in the instructions for that? Anyways, you’ve solved the problem - thank you.


It’s not at all clear, I agree. You need to hover over the blue dots in the image on the bookmarklet page to see that information. Not a good design, IMHO.

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Yep, but at least we got the problem solved. Thanks.

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