How to view CSS with your HTML code on website

I am new, I want to see how the CSS coding effects the HTML, how do i view that? i use web expression.

This w3schools tutorial shows you how css affects HTML/XHTML

I don’t know much about web expression, but I do know that some editors have a live view option integrated. Working in split view, in such editors, gives you a live update on things you’re changing in your CSS. I suggest, that you find out if web expression facilitate that option.

You can use Firebug to edit CSS of a given page and view the changes in real time. If you use Opera, you can use [URL=“”]Dragonfly, [URL=“”]Web Developer Toolbar (available for FF too) for Internet Explorer, [URL=“”]Live CSS Editing for Safari, and the [URL=“”]Web Developer extension for Chrome.

Another extension for FF - Web Developer - extremely helpful

if you want to see how any changes you make to a stylesheet affect the display in real time as you make them, another option is Netbeans IDE.

Firefox and Firebug are my best friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Presently most of the sites using external style sheets so you cannot see the style sheet. If it was internal style sheet you can see the style sheet.(Default browsers View menu—>Page Source) You can see style sheet directly with the help of addon Firebug.


I thing it is possible to view the external style sheets too using firebug addon.
After inspecting an element it will show the source file(CSS file) name in the right side top corner of the firebug tool.

After finding the file you can modify as you wish…!

Girls and guys, let’s not repeat what’s already been suggested here a dozen times. If there’s new input, post away, but repeating the same suggestions over and over isn’t exactly helping anyone.


Are you creating your own site, or you want to see the page source of the site? If you create your site you can use Dreamweaver to view the changes instantly. And you have got a lot of answers how to view the page source of the site :).