Staying Safe after SCAM?

I got a call from a very unprofessional individual stating he was from my hosting company. My suspicion grew when I noticed the area code was not from the same state or city where my hosting company is located. Turns out this guy was asking why I wasn’t interested in the special software discount offer the email he sent was offering. Now, I have to admit I never fell for a phishing ploy before, but this time I did! :frowning: I emailed back or I clicked a link that I was not interested. I can’t recall what I exact did. My question is the following: How did this dude get my phone number just from my Gmail account?: He also knows my website and Gmail account. What steps should I take to ensure my personal information? I already changed my password.

I called my hosting company and they stated as of yet they have not record of anyone calling me from their organization, Nor did the person on the phone know of any software/hosting offer.

Thanks for any help you can send my way.

PS: Come to think of it, I don’t even think I responded to the email.

Maybe he got your contact info from your domain registration? After that, it’s not that hard to track where sites are hosted.

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That’s most likely it. I just recently registered a domain name and one of the first things I did was enact “private registration”, so now if anyone does a WHOIS on my domain name, they won’t see my name or contact information - it will show that Network Solutions is the owner/admin/tech contact, their physical address and phone number, and a seemingly randomly generated email address that acts as a buffer between the world and me. If you haven’t enabled private registration, it might be a good idea to do it.

On the other hand, if you already have private registration on, please ignore everything I said in this post. :smile:



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Yes but I pay for private domain registration. However, there are others I did not get private registration for since they are not in use yet so that could be.

Just change your passwords (including FTP accounts) and check the security settings for your Google account , FB or any web tool that may have that information so it will only be visible when you want it to be visible.

Of course, if you have other domains with no private registration and don’t want your details to be seen, contract registration privacy.

I do confess that I don’t trust of a site where I can’t see the details though. It is very typical that a scammer will buy a domain to do his “business” and not show his details

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I have just registered a new domain and I have had three emails today all sounding very official and if I was new to web building I could easily have fallen for one of them.


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