Someone is SPOOFing my domain. Their hosting company not taking action

This has been going on intermittently for months.

I have an email account that catches all messages for my domain. I keep getting message delayed notifications for emails I’m not sending and for an email address that has never existed. Someone is SPOOFing my domain to send SPAM.

I contacted the server company the first time and the problem was cleared up for several weeks. It started happening again last week so I contacted the company and it stopped immediately. But now I’m getting them again.

What recourse do I have with this company that is knowingly providing hosting services for illegal activity?

If anyone else is having a similar problem, I’ve found these resources. I intend to use these if myself if this hosting company doesn’t comply with my demands to stop servicing the spammers spoofing my domain.

Report SPAM to the Federal Trade Commission
File a Complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center

I had also thought to file a complaint with ICANN, though I’m not sure if they have any jurisdiction in these matter. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know.

Any other resources would be appreciated.

Thanks for the links maestro. Keep us informed of what action you are taking and what results you get.

Your’re fighting a battle you can only loose. Email allows you to set the sender, just like Snail Mail allows you to put any sender on the back. These emails are send fully automated by botnets comprised of people’s compromised home computers.

Nothing much you can do, but improve on your email filtering software.

HTH, Jochen

Set up SPF and domainkeys for your domain to help reduce receptivity of spoofed emails