Who Is lookup

Hey Superbrains,

Need advice and help.

I have a site, when I do a whois look up, it shows my Name, Address and Contact.

Is there a way to hide it or to show something else?

Anything, I just dont want my Identity open on to the world


Note: that is protection against spamers. That will not protect you against law. In case if you do something wrong.

@OP: Whois privacy protection is not about protecting you against everything. Believe me if you do something wrong you will be found and domain name registrar must provide information about you.

If your domain name registrar offers domain privacy then if you purchase that option then they will display their details instead of yours. They will still forward any emails they receive but no one will be able to see your address details.

If your current registrar doesn’t offer that then you’d need to move your domain to a registrar that does.

You can’t do this any other way because if you use fake information then the registrar can cancel the domain and if you use someone else’s info then the domain then belongs to them instead of you.

and if you use someone else’s info then the domain then belongs to them instead of you.

Just thought I’d mention that when you’re using a domain privacy service, technically they are the domain registrant. I don’t know if this has ever resulted in problems, but there is a theoretical risk.

Domain privacy services pricing can vary a lot, so shopping around is a good idea. Sometimes it may even make sense to change registrars.

There’s a very length ICANN document and set of procedures around WHOIS privacy services and maintaining a shadow WHOIS that has the correct details for the domain should law enforcement or ICANN come knocking.

This should be possible as long as your company allows it. Where is your domain hosted anyway? On the other hand, if there is nothing on your company’s site that shows this information, it shouldn’t hurt to call their support.

Modify your personal information to fake?Terrible!Please contact your domain registrar,enable the whois information protection(ID protection).That is available,charge or free?Maybe not all of the registrar provide this kind of service freely.

Which is against the ICANN terms and conditions and can have your domain removed from you as has already been said.

just change your personal info to not-real one, you also can use privacy option but it could cost some money to you

I think almost all registrars allow privacy protection, if not you can always move your domain to one, which allows that and if you satisfy all the transfer procedures and rules.

Yes ALL allow but some can CHARGE you for that and some might not :wink:

Why not incorporate in another state and use the registered agent over in that state as the address and use your company’s corporate name?

This way you don’t run afoul of the ICANN swat unit that will come bustin yo back side at 3am when you and the little lady are getting to know one another in the biblical sense :shifty:

Also if your current registrar does not offer privacy for free , you can always move your domain name to one that does.

Definitely, I agree with felgall. You should go for the domain privacy option. It will sort out your problem.