Mobi Registrations? Scam?

Hi everyone.

A client of mine forwarded me this email they sent her about her website. We both have suspicions that it’s a scam to trick us into registering an unnecessary domain with them, but googling yielded no results with the wording of their letter (usually with scams, you’d find them popping up everywhere). So I thought I’d run it past you guys first, get some feedback, before just telling her to ignore the email.

Attention to:

(My client’s correct name.)
(My client’s correct email address.)

(My client’s correct phone number.)

Requested reply date: 5/4/2013 EST

This is an important notice to inform you that we have put a temporary block on
There has been a request from the IP address 35.18.307.43 to register this domain. If you did not authorize this, contact support immediately at with your case number MB481870.

If you have no interest in this name, no action is required on your part. After 48 hours, this block will be released and Mobi Registrations is not responsible for domain loss due to 3rd party registration.

Go to to search the status of all your domains, including all domains registered worldwide.

If you have any questions regarding Mobi Registrations’s policies, you can visit
To view the updated domain expiration, dispute resolution policy, please visit

Have any of you gotten an email like this?

For one thing, the IP address “35.18.307.43” isn’t real.

And have any of you even heard of “Mobi Registrations” before?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Bit like .info, .travel, .etc

As a webdeveloper, most of my clients ask for which is theirs anyway.

If it takes off like nuts than go for it but a load of BS to me. :x

[FONT=Verdana]Yip - I’d say it’s a scam. :slight_smile: was only registered on 18th April, and is using “WhoisGuard” to conceal their details.

I haven’t had an e-mail like that for .mobi, but I’ve similar ones in the past for other domain extensions. (Oddly enough, the bulk of them seem to be for a domain which is effectively The domain is so cumbersome, even we regret registering it, so the idea that folk all around the world are queuing up to register variants is somewhat laughable. :rolleyes:)[/FONT]

It’s simply an effort to drum up some business. Feel free to treat it as junk mail.

Thanks, guys.

I agree with the group. Sounds like a scam … I haven’t gotten this particular email, but I’'ve gotten similar emails from various groups/businesses in China.

They sent me a fax titled “Intellectual Property Notification”. I believe they’re trying to scare people into buying the .mobi domain name extension… I’ve attached an image of the fax.