Start a blog to earn money

Start a blog to earn money

Steps included:
1)Create a blog
2)Apply adsense
3)Earn money

Is that so simple or I am missing some “POINT”?

Something more like this:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Post some content
  3. Keep posting content
  4. Keep posting content…
  5. Keep posting content…
  6. Keep posting content…
  7. Get some visitors to your blog
  8. Keep posting content even though nobody is visiting your blog…
  9. Keep posting content…
  10. Keep posting content…
  11. Apply adsense
  12. Get very disheartened about how little money you make in your first month
  13. Keep posting content…
  14. Keep posting content…
  15. Eventually attract enough visitors to start making a small amount of money
  16. Keep posting content…

There you have it, the 15 steps to making money on your blog.

LOL. I think that’s the point that most people are missing. Always write relevant, new and fresh content. Otherwise, your blog won’t see the light of day.

You can’t call “earn money” one of 3 steps to “earn money”… You’re only paid when someone clicks an ad, not merely by putting the ad on a webpage. And to have people clicking ads, you have to have people, and the ads have to be relevant to those people.

in short you can also apply SEO on your blog… it helps to have a good traffic and rankings…

I agree with corbyboy.
Content (unique and well written) is the key for traffic and for money when you have a blog:)

I have a feeling that the OP went to the Underpants Gnomes school of business :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in step 2.5.

I was wondering if someone was going to bring this up.

Underpants Gnomes = Web 2.0

hahahah, great!! 15 steps to success, you forgot to add go out of the way promoting it, get accounts made on all the possible social networks, then finally get some visitors and then finally you get some money somewhere.:stuck_out_tongue:

Earning from blogging may seem an easy thing to do but actually it is not. In order for you to earn from your blog you need spend time and effort. Creating a blog does not always mean you will earn money right away. You need to promote your blog and posts reliable contents in it so that it will gain a good in ranking in search engines. Once you have good amount of traffic then eventually money will start flowing in.

yea, earning money from blogging is NOT EASY at all!

I don’t think Adsense is a good way to earn money, at least i never click anything in the ads powered by google.
But I think there may be a exception that if the keywords one searches is highly relevant with the adsense, and he has great interest in the products in the ad,he may click.
So if you want to earn money by blogs, the traffic must be very huge.

between getting advertisers, using adsense or actually selling products… those would be the ways to make money with a blog. I would personally start off with adsense, you never know what type of ads you will be served depending on your subjects on your blog.

I could never create a blog just because “omg money!” I’d have to actually be interested & have a topic I actually like.

Blogs are like little alligators - you have to keep feeding them content …

How about this.

  1. Just choose a product
  2. Be an affiliate
  3. Write a single post
  4. Promote

Oh yeah
5. Watch your income grow

I do not like Adsense. It merely gives pennies.

just remember there is no free meal

good luck

there are to many people today that make blogs, add some content that they copy and paste from other sites and then expect visitors to somehow find the site and for some reason be interested in what theyre saying. lol

In order to make money from a blog these days, you need to run it like a business. With so much competition for readers, you need to make your blog serve a specific niche where there will not be as many players. For example, rather than writing about Mobile Devices you would write about a specific mobile device. Rip the device apart into thousands of pieces and each piece will be a topic. When the next version of the device comes out, you’ve got more content.

Once you have your market selected, you then need to promote it. Join social groups that discuss your topic, tweet about your articles, get friends to share your content.

When optimizing the site for Search Engines, optimize for those keyphrases that are specific to your market. If I’m blogging about a specific mobile device, I may have a post optimized for the keyphrase “Blackberry Storm 9530 troubleshooting”.

Then just keep writing more and more content as the others have mentioned, and hopefully those that read your block share the content with their friends. Bookmark it in social bookmarking websites and more.

Eventually you’ll have enough visitors to get a decent amount of clickthroughs on the ads, and these Adsense ads, since you are writing about a very niche topic, should be well targeted to the audience. You could also join an Affiliate program like Commission Junction and select the ads that you can add to your website that would be relevant to your visitors.

My 3 cents worth.