Blogging is earning?

I just want to ask a question about blogs. After having a blog, how long will it take for you to earn? I mean, does it takes weeks, months, years or so?

A lot of people earning money from adsense by blogging.It should long time and high traffic.

It is vital that if you want to earn money with blogging then you must seriously think of what niche you want to talk about and do a bit of research before embarking this journey. It is useless to just do anything without some research as you may end up with nothing to gain. :slight_smile:

I had a blog few years ago and I started earning the same day I started it. Now, I have a new blog and it’s a few months old,but I’m still not earning,so I decided to start a brand new blog on the same domain. Making money depends on niche, content quality and Your promotion efforts. Make sure You write good content, promote Your blog on forums and by commenting other blogs, write interesting articles and submit them to top article directories…this will bring You traffic and earnings! :wink:

There is no set amount of time that it takes. It depends on how hard you work.

Hi, there If you are a newbie to blogging, well all you have to do is create a blog with unique content and don’t make it look like a spam content. Remember it should original in which google trusted it. Set up your blog like that then after a few post try to apply for an adsense account and wait for the response if your blog was approved. When it is approved it’s the time for you to put some ads on your blog. From that you can start earning money.

There are many paths to enter into the destination of your online earning Kingdom. For that, you first make your blog popular. That means, build comfortable traffic. Many people should visit your blog. When your blog acquire enough traffic, advertising firms will allow to show their ads on your blog. Google Adsense, Adbrite. Bidvertiser, clicksor, chittika as well as a lot more ad sites will enable you to earn.

You can research on niche topic and written quality articles about it. Give it some times and you will start seeing income.

Not sure if the four pages of posts have answered your original question adequately, but I will give an answer from my experience. When I started, I asked the same question. (I wanted to know when I could realistically expect to quit my day-job.)

The answer I heard most was, “About 6 months.” That’s how long it took the people in my circle to hit the primary goal of replacing their day-job income. I was warned it would take work and lots of perseverance, and it did. But they were right. It took six months. The best part was, that was just the initial goal. Having learned so much during those first six months, it was clear that the second six months would see growth from that original milemarker.

It depends on your promotion activities.

You should try to get enough traffic to your blog. After attaining 50 posts, you can submit your blog to approve by google adsense. So generally , after 3 months, you can expect your earning from adsense. Other than adsense, there are many avenues to generate revenue from your blog. You can make paid posts in your blogs. Can place ads or banners which are not violating the adsense Terms Of Service.

Earning from blogging takes time. It depends on the bloggers how they are going to market their site. Some can even earn in 1 to 2 months already just like my friend. I also earned in 3 months and I am still improving my blog now. Looking for ways how to get good rank in google.

It takes a while, there is no set time, just when your backlinks start to bring in the traffic

That’s really true, write good with orginal content. Do seo and get visitors. And i’m pretty sure you will earn some extra income in your blog.

That is like asking how much do you make each month…It all depends on your niche, your keyword phrase, amount of searches and competition.

Too much involved to answer that question clearly.

That depends upon your blog and content. Write good, orginal content, do seo and use adsense :slight_smile:

depends on how you really wanted to earn money, the effort the work and its content…

You can earn through blog but all depends upon your hard work and the blog content.

The content should be on the current affairs.
Regularly update your blog to increase the Google site ranking.

And for the above mentioned points, you will have to work hard.

You can promote your blog through posting the promotional information in many sites like classified sites.


It depends of your work, if you have good topic,and write good content.then it will not be too long!

To make a successful business from your blog it takes years. And this comes only if you have many many visitors, lot of traffic, if you have interesting subjects and visibility in the online area.