How does i earn money from my blog's?

Yeah. you can apply for adsense or if it is your private blog portal, you can get ads from private members.

there are other ways to earn money online aside from adsense, all you have to do is to look some affiliate programs or Pay per post site to earn another source of money.

many way to get money from internet, but focus one.

my tips :

  1. update update update your content , don’t ever stop
  2. promotion

60-65 visitors/day is just too little traffic to earn consistently. You can try some affiliate programs from Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and so, but with your traffic is not going to be easy to earn consistently. Update your content daily and work on your SEO skill.

I completely agree with you. These tips can be very beneficial if you put those in action.

yeah…whatever is the source of your earning with blogging, but it is totally dependent on your site quality. either you are working with adsense or any carrier, they will first see the quality of your site contents and how frequently you update it.

I will recommend you to promote some products from clickbank too to generate some revenue.Also try to use textlink advertisement like

It’s not a lot, adsense is interesting only with a lot of traffic, you’d better go with affiliates programs.

thank you friend :D:D:D

You can apply for an account at text links ads or infolinks or you can also sell links and banner in your blogs.

But before doing that you need to keep on updating your blog with fresh contents daily and improve the number of your visitors.

60-65 visitors a day in 12 months !!! You better start optimizing and socializing on the internet . That is very bad . I got like 250 visitors a day in 3 months and around 800 in 12 .

They’re nothing special and not easy :slight_smile:

There is various program on the internet beside ADSENSE that will help you to “make money while you blog”, this what we call blogging monetize, well if you have high PR blog you can sell link through “Text Link Ads” or similar program, You can also make money with affiliate program that releted with your blog niche, and i think this is the best option.

build your traffic first!!! Start off with posting and updating daily and never stop. Then do backlinks and basically, spread the word about your site over the internet without spamming. that is way way too little traffic to generate any kind of money.

adsense is not the only way… u can prmote some affiliate products that match u r site content …clickbank is a nice site to get affliate products to promote

Well usually adsense is the only way to get some money, but if you are having a real good blog perfect for a niche in which a lot of people are interesting and with a little more traffic you can have affiliates programs on your blog which can make money faster, so you should also concentrate on some SEO of your blog.

lack of backlinks for your keywords. if you want your blog to be listed in the first page in google then need more backlinks in order for you to get more traffic from search engines.