How can i earn money from my blog?

hi , i am new here and have a site (in in my sig) footyfree dot com , its a very low paying niche but is ranking well in search engines, i am getting around 200-300 visitors daily, is that good? and on a match day it does to 1500uv ? but all i earn at the end of the day is $3-4 , i have started using adsdaq cpm system now , it is going well though no too great , but can anyone review my site and tell me how can i make it better :slight_smile:

for some reason the site dose not work.

I like your website.
In order to obtain some more money i advice you to try using Google AdWords.
Also, try to promote it more on facebook and other online media, to increase your visibility in the online area and then you’ll gain more from publicity, from banners on your website.

There are lots of ways to Monetize your blog. You may join in get paid to blogging sites like, you may add adsense ads or you may got for affiliate marketing. If you search in google with the word make money blogging then you will get lots of book post to know more

You can sell links and posts on your blog and ad sense is also good for earning on blog.

Advertising One’s link to your blog can be a one way of earning money using blogs aside from adsense.

try some google adsense… you must build your traffic in that case to a very high level. Keep the content coming and fresh updates and build your backlinks. best advice i could give right now.

no man! adsense is paying veryyy loww my adsense earning for last 7 days

imp : 6431
clicks : 31
earning : $8.01

adsense is not working out for me

well, Google Adsense is the king when it comes to site ads but I agree it is hard to make much out of it especially if you do not have tons of traffic. For new site or blogs, it is actually not advisable to put ads until there is established traffic.


Wow nice man you ranked good.

how can u check that? i know my pr is 1 but still 300 visitors :S tht sucks

try selling some products on your site related to the content then. Key is, you need to build traffic and have lots of original content!

Before thinking of earning money from your blog make sure that your blog has a lot of traffic and it is loaded with loads of useful contents. You can register an account @ Google Adsense and TLA.

  1. update
  2. backlinks
  3. SEO

okiii , its pretty much a month old domain , i never worked on it before

I think earning from blog is very good idea but you need to be very cautious as blog always needs some good content for getting good amount of traffic.

dear you earn more money with your adsense if you work on your site regularly why i give this comments because dear regularity and punctuality is back bone off seo and dear Google give rank those sites who work with punctually and daily basis

Just looking at your site real quick, you adsense isn’t optimized.

I would suggest using a plugin called Who Sees Ads and setting it up so that your search engine visitors (the ones that click on ads) see a 336x280 ad. Place it just below your post title above your content. I’d configure your site so that non-search engine visitors don’t even see the ads…and if you really want to show something, don’t show anything bigger than 160x600.

I’d also recommend along with putting video in your posts, you put some text based commentary at the beginning. Make sure this text is keyword focused…don’t get me wrong, make it beneficial to the reader, but place some high ranking search keywords there.

Your adsense banner at the top should be replaced with an affiliate ad. Adsense does really well when it’s VERY close to your content and the color scheme looks very similar to your normal links. Don’t use borders or background colors. Make it blend.

One other item to note. Your site takes FOREVER to load. I ran a few tests on it using Firebug, and on average your site takes 25 seconds to fully load. It should take 5s or less…preferably 3s or less. Google has recently started factoring in site performance for PR and SERP rankings…that 25s is going to kill you. Spend some time removing stuff that doesn’t add to your bottom line, and optimize your graphics files. Your background alone takes 3-5s to load.

Hope this helps.

thanks larry :slight_smile: i will see wat i can do , i have changed my background and i will remove all the useless plugins

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