How to earn $1 a month from blogging


Anyone know how to earn $1 a month from blogging? How many visitors do i need?


thats my friends AD, Im just helping him out.

It’s very hard to earn only one dollar a month with any blog. You would need about one visitor a month but this visitor must give you a $1 donation via paypal.

so you are saying it’s not hard, but its not easy either.

Provide quality content with SEO, you can get more visitors and you will get revenue from ad sense.

you can post a request $1 donation from your visitor and make sure the post easy to find… :wink:

[COLOR=“Blue”]hey skyhigh007
through your blog you can never earn $1 per month :wink:

it made me astonished that you dont know about it.

when your blog is know to google, you can earn many dollars per hour, not per month:D[/COLOR]

request to your visitors for fast donation, if u r using adsense then wait for 1 year, but its depend on your blog traffic.

You should easily be able to earn just one dollar per month on any blog as long as you keep it running and have some sort of method on it to monetize it. Even on a blog with very little traffic and not much content you should be able to get $1 per month. You should aim MUCH higher than that!

my current blog traffic is about 10 visitors per day!

Its not that hard, put some google adwords ads on your site, when people click them you get paid every time

Thanks a lot!

With adsense and at 10 visitors a day (300/month) You prolly get that $1/month. You need between 5 to 10 clicks from visitors to your adsense.

Work on your content and market your blog so you will slowly gain traffic.

You can actually earn more than that in a month with Adsense or other methods. Just make sure you make a quality blog with useful content, then try to get an adsense account and place them in your blog strategically.


let me know one thing, if skyhigh007 is getting 10 visitors per day, how much their site can earn per month in $?

If you have a Blog just keep adding fresh content to it if you have a few adverts on the site you will start to earn revenue but why just a $1 if you set your self a higher target like say $50-$100 that will give you something to aim for but just $1 that not a good target to aim at is it really.
I have just set up another new [COLOR=“Blue”][B]site[/B][/COLOR] and my target for the 1st month will be $50 that is just as a starter and then once target has been reached i will move the bar up again.Good luck to you and your new blog

just one dollar per month? why bother blogging for just 1 dollar in a month? :rolleyes:

Sell an advert on your site for $1 a month is pretty easy i reckon

Hey hey whats going on this thread. What does it mean $1 / month. People earns $100 / day and you people are thinking so less…

Whats the matter. Are you people kidding o wot?

The reason my aim to earn $1/month is because this is my first time doing blogging and I have a lot of things to learn. Also, my writing is not that good.
According to google analystics, I have the following data.

Site Usage

* 18

* 21

* 1.17

* 94.44%
  Bounce Rate 

* 00:00:24
  Avg. Time on Site 

* 72.22%
  % New Visits