Spyware hijacking Google searches


I have a Spyware, or malware, of whatever this garbage is :frowning:
that has hacked my PC and is hijacking what I search for on Google for example.
So for example if I search for something on Google then rather than getting the results listed there my browser redirects to this web site that has a list of supposed similar things for sale.

How do I get rid off this Spyware?
FYI, I have tried Spybot and Stopzilla and neither one has gotten rid of this thing.

Ooooooh these aholes who these sort of things are real low lives :frowning:

Thanks for your help beforehand.

You could try Hitman Pro. It’s a combination of several anti spyware/malware/other crap I always find does a pretty good job.

Ok, I am going to take your word and give it a try.

FYI, I ran this Hitman but the Virus (Spyware) is still there :frowning:

Any other suggestions?

would you mind going to the home page to reset it as the blank one?
did u install some soft?I mean the hijacking page was what your order after your quick "next-step ",then,you could try to uninstall the one forcely using the perfectuninstall and the ccleaner to clean the soft away with its main programm ang its branches in registry.
and as for the anvirus software,then a security scan should be there,and then try to fix some errors in the system,the browser and the registry,as many people would say the avg avast and so on.
or simply,there are many more scan online,find the dangerous trojan or file,just uninstall it forcely!
good luck!:slight_smile:

I am not really sure what you are talking about!
I mean the English does not make much sense :slight_smile:
But thanks anyway.

Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy are free and quite good at finding and removing malware.

Hi Doug,

Well I have already run Spybot couple of times but it hasnt gotten rid of this monster yet :frowning:

So I can try Malwarebytes next.

BTW, have you heard of this thing that my PC has which causes for example search results of Google directed to these Advertising sites? I mean I would think this would be a very serious thing and wide spread since I am super careful in not opening any attachments, etc., so if it has opened to me then i assume it is inflicting a large population now.


Got hit with one of these once. Really the only solution when it gets that bad is to flatten the computer and start over. Hijacking google is annoying. But if they can do that, they can do things like hijack your banking site.

1st Doug, I tried Malwarebytes and that did not get rid of the Virus (or whatever it is) as the Google redirects still happen and strange MS errors still occur.

2nd, wwb_99, what do you mean by “flatten the computer”? You mean reformat the disk!!! Cannot be serious that there is NO solution out there to get rid off this thing?

AND how in GODS name could this get on My PC so deep that all these Virus/Malware removers dont work? What kind of a junk is MS OS anyway :frowning:

Some malware fires off many running processes that cross-check each other and restart if your cleaner tries to clean. I once found a tool that kills all virus processes so you can clean them, I think I found it at bleepingcomputer.com but I don’t recall for sure.

You can use msconfig and the task manager to kill all unnecessary processes and prevent them from restarting on reboot. Also you may need to run your cleanup tools multiple times, and you can try running them from safe mode too.


After 7 days of TRYING and TRYING. I was finally able to remove this dastardly criminal Virus. Damn people who made this thing :frowning:

And also amazing that non of the current top Virus removers was able to remove this.

Because many others have also asked me I have put the full description of what I had to do to remove this THING on my Blog here:

Well it is good to be at last free of this Virus :slight_smile: