AVG Report

The following report was generated on my PC:

Can someone tell what the best way of addressing this is in order to clear any threat that there may be.

I understand Malwarebytes(free version) is good for clearing spyware.

When I went to download Malwarebytes it directed me to the following link


Is this ok and if so which is the correct link to use for the download.

Thanks for any help.

Maybe you can use another antivirus, ex AVIRA or else. Try MalwareBytes also recommended for retreat your PC.

Here the Link AVIRA
For MalwareBytes

I can’t help directly, as I’ve never used AVG, so I’m not sure what they’re referring to.

I’d guess the site redirects you to a mirror near your own location of the download. (When I tried it just now, it took me to another location.) majorgeeks.com seems to be a reliable site, so you should be fine downloading from there.

I also like SpyBot.

You could also use the ShieldsUP! scan to check for vulnerabilities on your computer, and (if you’re still anxious) check out some of the other offerings at [URL=“http://www.grc.com/default.htm”]GRC.

Direct link for MalwareBytes (free version) - http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free

I used to use AVG for a long time, I ended up getting rid of it purely out of frustration and I now use Avast. The “suspicious processes monitored” could very well be nothing only innocent windows system files running in the background and on start-up or just various programs you may have running. You should do a full scan to be sure but definitely run MalwareBytes for peace of mind!

If you are using windows another good one to run is Windows Defender it is a free from Microsoft program.

I’ve been using Nortons for 3 years, and never had a problem with anything that would risk my system. Yeah, it’s not free, but Nortons is updated all the time. Plus, you get support, something freeware will never give. One reason why closed source > open source. When it comes to securing your computer, I wouldn’t go the easy way out. I have tried freeware and all of it fankly sucked. It’s like Linux flavor-of-the-month.

Your best bet, and the only sure way to clean everything, is to reformat the computer and reinstall the OS (back up your data of course).