Website effected by malware

hello friends my website got effected by malware, does it any effect on the search results and what should i to rectify this problem. please help me how to sort out this problem

It will have an effect if the user visits your site using Chrome or Firefox as there will be a warning. Hopefully if you use another browser your antivirus software on the computer will pick it up.

You need to remove the files from the server, to be sure I would also delete and upload any databases you have, upload a backup of the website old enough not to have the malware, change all passwords, then use Google webmaster tools to get them to check your website.

It depends entirely on what sort of malware it is, and what effect it is having.

If the malware is preventing search engine bots from accessing the site, then it will of course affect your site’s search performance. In the case of Google, if their bot detects the presence of malware but is still able to access the site, it will continue to show the page in its search results, but it will display a warning saying that it appears to be infected.

As for how to remove the malware, it’s impossible to answer that without having more details about what the malware is. Have you tried contacting the support people at your hosting company?