SpitHTML: The off-site HTML editor that spits HTML straight to your web pages!

Hi there!

I’ve developed a new website that I hope will be useful to people. First and foremost it can be used to make a non-content managed web page instantly content managed by spitting HTML! Over the next weeks/months (I’ll update this post) I’ll be adding a whole bunch more functionality to enhance the service.

Please let me know what you think whether good or bad. I’m hoping you will find it useful. There are people using it right now so it should be stable but please be aware it is currently in beta.

Happy spitting, thanks

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Hy @SpitHTML It looks interesting, but needs a lot more explanation. I don’t really get a very clear concept of how it works. Is it similar to something like CushyCMS?

For me, getting a clear concept of how something functions is crucial to getting any traction.

Thanks for the feedback ralphm, much appreciated. I agree I should have provided more explanation, so that has focused the mind. Luckily I have someone else joining me soon to drive things forward, get the message across, design, social etc since I am a code cruncher at heart :smile:

SpitHTML is a simple way to remotely edit content on your site.

  1. Use the site to create a free Panel (a container for your HTML).
  2. Use the sites simple WYSIWYG editor to create/edit the Panel’s HTML.
  3. Copy the unique Panel code (JavaScript) to your web page(s).
  4. SpitHTML spits the Panel’s HTML straight to your web page(s).

It’s not a hosted CMS like CushyCMS just a simple way to remotely edit content on your site. It can make part(s) of a non-content managed web page instantly content managed and has the ability to spit a single Panel’s HTML to multiple web pages, across multiple sites. In fact there are numereous uses for which we are still deciding on but for now it spits HTML.

Does that help to understand the concept? Thanks again for the feedback.

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Actually, that does sound a lot like CushyCMS and its ilk. You add tags to your pages where the content will be inserted from an external source.

So basically, someone would create a static site but add tags into the html somewhere so that external content can be added in?

Very cool! Thank you for sharing.

This worked OK for me and I have been able to edit my site content remotely (from your SpitHTML site).

If I wanted to use this approach to allow my customers to make changes to the sites I have built for them, it looks like I would need to establish an account for them so that they had access to the panels used on their site . Is that how you see it working?

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CushyCMS requires your FTP credentials that can be inappropriate for some users

Thanks AllanP for registering and having a look. That is actually something we have thought of and will be available soonish. The idea is that you can create panels yourself (with your account) then invite users (by email) to register which automatically gives them permissions to edit the panels you have set-up. There is a huge amount of development taking place at the moment and new features like this will be added at a steady rate. I can’t promise when this will be available but it will be sooner rather than later.

I didn’t explain myself very well did I and I can see why you think it is a lot like a CMS. SpitHTML was not intended to be a full blown CMS which is why it is not called so. It is for spitting HTML from SpitHTML to a user’s site which can indeed provide the simple functionality of a CMS. This is currently done with simple inline javascript but I am also writing code for users to choose multiple ways to achieve this!

However SpitHTML can also be used to send (erm spit) the same HTML to multiple pages across multiple sites and so there is a security tab to control this flow. Clients have said to me they want the same panel of HTML on multiple pages across multiple sites. Rather than explain this here and now I will update the site soon with some screen shots etc so please have a look back soon. Hopefully it will clear up any poorly explained concepts. Thanks for your feedback.

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Good luck with the project.

Some thoughts…
What’s you infrastructure like? SLA’s? Where’s it’s hosted? Given that SpitHTML will be responsible for hosting (potentially) 1000’s of sites/100,000’s of requests (all from different domains) how are you handling the load? Do you have support for caching requests or using a CND? In the event of a failure is there a fallback or will customer sites just break?

Online Demo?

Hi. All valid questions so thanks for asking. Hosted on Azure so that should vaguely answer infrastructure, scaling, where it’s hosted and load. SLA/Service credit for downtime being discussed. Local caching for a number of different platforms being developed but currently Javascript (fully indexable by Google) is used - works great! No online demo yet but if you register (totally free) you will be able to play. Work currently being done to update site to make it more presentable etc. It’s taken longer than we had hoped but we want to get it right. Hope that helps and thank you for your interest.

Sorry for the late reply but your response was reassuring so just wanted to wish you the best of luck with SpitHTML and would be interested to see how the Azure platform works for you- I have heard some really good things about it.

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