How can this be done?

OK, so I have plenty of experience in building static HTML pages, but I’ve never gotten in to any data basing or whatever you would call this…

I’ll explain my website first…I have a site that lists events that people send in to be listed on the site which are listed alphabetically by the name of the venue where the event is being held.

It’s gotten to the point that so many events are being submitted, I’m having to spend more and more time updating the site, which I do manually as the pages are simple HTML pages.

So, I’m wondering if anybody knows of a way where I can set people up with a way to login and post their own information…and maybe the system will notify me by email so I can either approve and let it post, or delete it.

Is there some software available for this like in Perl, or something?
Hopefully, I can find something that is already available so nothing has to be custom built, so any suggestions are appreciated

This sort of thing is pretty easy using an off-the-shelf content management system (CMS). Anything like Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, MODx should make this sort of thing relatively easy.

Do you think I’d still be able to keep my original website design?

Thanks for the software names to check out…I’ll see if any of them have a trial period where I can see how it works before buying

Yes indeed. Some systems make it easier than others to control your layout and design. I prefer ExpressionEngine or MODx because they seem easier to manage.

Of all those I listed (and there are many more) three are free. Only ExpressionEngine has a cost attached to it.

Think the program here is any good?
SnippetMaster - Free online WYSIWYG editor for content management of HTML snippets (including text and websites) - PHP based system

^ not sure how to git rid of that descriptive text…I just posted their URL

There are quite a few tools like that. Whether or not this one is any good, it won’t address the problem you first raised. You will still be doing everytng manually.

What you want is a most sophisticated system that can allow users to add content to your site. That requires a proper CMS.

not sure how to git rid of that descriptive text…I just posted their URL

You need to create your own text, then highlight it, click “insert link” and paste the URL in that way.

Yeah, I guess the snippet master would be best for setting up a web site owner to where he can login and put in his own content which includes the ability to change the appearance of the website in the area that the snippet allows changes to be made.

I was hoping to have something similar to an email form that asks for each piece of information that is needed. A user would login, fill out the form with the needed info, and that info stays in the que until I approve it.

I may have to have custom software which would make this idea too expensive.

The other down side of course is getting hacked…

As I said, though, a cheap or free off the shelf CMS would allow for this.

The other down side of course is getting hacked…

You can pretty easily lock the system down but restricting access to just the important bits. Especially if you approved their registrations in the first place.

So most CMS are considered to be very secure?

It does vary. All I can vouch for is ExpressionEngine, which I find very secure. Of course, set a nice long password, and there are a few simple steps to make sure that important data is off limits, such as storing the main system files above the public folder of your website.

There’s a nice article about securing ExpressionEngine, with an accompanying ebook.

All the the heavy hitters such as; Drupal, WordPress and Joomla have been around long enough that all the security issues have been worked ironed yet. However, there was a time when many of these systems did have security flaws such as; not properly handling user input. I think that time though has far passed. The largest security hole will be the server if anything when using those systems.