Need help with reading content remotely

First of all sorry if I’m in the wrong forums, i just took a guess that this is where i need help.

Ok so im pretty new to building websites my site is up but as i want to learn more by try to make a simple blogging platform myself rather than taking someone elses system or code, pretty much everything i have done so far is myself.
So the thing i want applied to my website is the ability to upload one of my articles to its own page with nothing else on it, just the content.
Then the home page and another page which will be a blank template ready for content, can read this content remotely and apply it to the pages.
Ive seen some stuff floating around the net about this but wasn’t sure if it was the thing i was looking for.
bare in mind im new to this so go easy on the technical terms
Any help would be great, if what i described is the wrong way to go about this then let me know.

P.S. if its any use to you my site is