Inline editing drag'n'drop CMS for web designers

Hi Sitepointers!

Today I’d like to show you my latest project and hear what do you think about it. It is InlineCMS. I know, you want to ask me - why do we need yet another CMS? We have so many of them around! Yeah, but I believe that mine is a bit different. Let me explain.

I have created InlineCMS specially for simple websites. People ask me sometimes to make a website for their small business. You know, that sort of websites where you have the only couple of pages, like About Us/Services/Portfolio/Contacts. They are simple and you shouldn’t spend much time building them.
Using InlineCMS, the whole process become as simple, as to create plain HTML/CSS template. And here is why:

  1. Support of any HTML/CSS templates without integration. Yes, you don’t need to insert PHP snippets, special tags or CSS classes to your HTML template in order to make it work with InlineCMS. All that you have to do is just select which parts of your template should become editable. This can be done without the single line of code, using only point-and-click in visual Layout Editor.

  2. Simple yet powerful. InlineCMS is not an “editor for static HTML site” but a full-featured CMS. That means, editable regions in your HTML template will be able to contain not only text and images, but other common dynamic elements as well (forms, galleries, google maps and even custom PHP/JS/HTML code).

  3. Inline editing and drag-n-drop. No backends or complicated control panels. Edit your pages right in place. Add dynamic elements to the pages with drag-n-drop. See final result immediately, right as your visitors will see it.

  4. No complicated technologies. InlineCMS doesn’t require a database. Setup and backup are as simple, as to copy files from one folder to another.

  5. Clients love it. It is so easy for non-professional to manage a website when there is no need to learn what all of those buttons and checkboxes in admin panel do. The only interface of InlineCMS is a small floating window over the page.

It’s hard to describe all the features in the single post.
You can learn more about InlineCMS on its official site:
There are also a quick video tour you may want to watch and live demo to try.

I’ve spent many months crafting this project and now will appreciate any feedback!
Also, I will answer any questions about the project.

Thanks for reading, hope this tool will help someone else than me too :smiley:


I thought I would try the free version to create a Todo List. I got stuck with the html5-template. Where is this folder located, is it empty or has it any files? I would prefer the folder being created from the Zip file.

Personally I would prefer a written tutorial rather than the video.

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It’s completely up to you! You can either create your own HTML template to use for the site or download/buy it somewhere (HTML5UP and are good places to start). The main idea here is that InlineCMS doesn’t require any special theme format (like Wordpress does, for example), but works with any plain HTML template. You just need to define which parts of the template should become editable, using visual Layout Editor.

Sure, many people would agree here, so written documentation is coming

Fixed. Thank you!

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Hey. Nice work!

What editor are you using for the inline editing or text?


Thank you, Scott.

That is a highly customized version of CKEditor

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Are there still things that you would like to have done and do you still need some help ?

I took a look at the cms and I think I am gonna use it for the portfolio website of a buddy of mine.

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