Markdown to html...just why?!

ok so you probably have already guessed this is not going to be ‘pro’ markdown. We’ve just adopted markdown for staff to battle with to create webpages.

apart from non-technical staff now having to cope with adding in characters to format the document and manually writing out hyperlinks etc, there are numerous elements that just can’t be added in markdown even as simple as a named anchor (unless you add another extension and learn some more syntax). so i am now having to add in html. All so it can be converted to… html.

all so it is ‘cleaner’ … well except for all the html i’ve had to put in and of course if you forget to remove the whitespace after **something ** it outputs the *s into the document. And still doesn’t remove ¬ when i copy from a pdf and smiley faces cause it to break but apart from that… it increases efficiency by -50%

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I thought MarkDown permitted HTML as standard without you’re having to add it in?

How is the Markdown being created? What program are you using?

we have been given a markdown ‘editor’ which adds in a few formatting bits but is essentially pure markdown. If i want certain html elements i have to write it in. Admin locked it down pretty tight and i’ve only just been allowed to add html. previously it was stripped out.

Which is another thing because i have rights to add html and others don’t if they edit a page i’ve added html to it gets stripped out when they save! ahhhh

That sucks. I wish I had an answer for you. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of is to find a better job. But, being where I am, that’s unrealistic advice as I know because there are things, here, that make me want to leave, but aside from them I love my job and the people I work with. So… (shrug)


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