Special Adsense Custom Ads

How do users from those large sites get the “Special Adsense Custom Ads” you know the ones im talking about the ones that say “Ads by Google” on some super traffic laden site?

Do they contact you, or do you contact them? Anyone have a clue ?



I’ve been contacted a few times about how to improve my income, even had a phone conference with a lady, maybe i need to email her and ask.

I am guessing the ctr is much higher. :slight_smile:

Anyone knows what is the targeted page views that they are looking for regarding custom ads?

Awesome, thanks fegall that may point me in the right direction :wink:

There used to be something on their site saying how many millions of page views you need per month to be allowed to arrange to customise the ads but they don’t seem to have it there any more.

They contact you when you start getting enough page views.

They’ll even contact you before that once you get enough page views for them to get interested in where on the page you have the ads with suggestions on how to rearrange the ads to improve your income.