Can you please review my Adsense placement?


Can you please review my adsense placement on this site: ? I am getting decent traffic, around 1100-1200 unique visitors daily, but clicks are very low. For example, yesterday I got around 4 clicks only.

Would appreciate your help a lot.


the ads are well placed in the article pages, but for me I would remove the ad in the header, not a place where people click in my opinion (and old tests)

Well the results are very different on a day to day basis. That’s why I am looking or ways to improve my adsense placement and find out what’s wrong since I get so little clicks,even if the site gets some decent traffic.

Of your current ads do you know which ones aren’t getting any clicks?

Maybe try moving the large rectangle to the middle of the post rather than right at the beginning.

To be honest I didn’t see the ad on top of your homepage. But the position is ok. Not too obvious but not completely invisible either.

The two medium rectangles that you have in the middle of your content pages is a bit too much. You might need to commit to just one. Possibly the one on the left. I thought the image ad right in the middle of your content was too much.

But that’s just my pennies worth. Really, what you need to do is let your visitors decide and that can take months of gradual experimentation.

Good luck with finding the right layout.

Just place ads on top of the page and see the results with in 2 days:D