In search of some tips on adsense placement

Hello all, first of I will just explain the situation as I am not sure I should post the link to the website as I don’t have many posts and don’t want it to come out as I am trying to get traffic.

I have been running a gametoplist for about 4 years now and I get a roughly 250.000 unique visitors - that sums up to about 480.000 page views a month.
The only advertising I am running at the moment is google adsense but I fell it is giving a very low return rate on the count of visitors. I have roughly a CTR of 0,30% and on a month I might be getting 200$ - 300$.

I have been trying constantly with diffrent places of ad placements, but all are just plain bad.
So I am looking for help on this matter, tips on what I can do to change to make it better.

If you want the link for the website please post here and I send you the link with a pm, or if a mod says it is ok for me to post it I post it here.

thanks in advance.

Between the header and the content is the best. Also within the content.
If you give an example url I can perhaps give you personalised advice.

link sent, thanks for any input JamesColin.

hi, link doesn’t work for me

ops, its .com not ,com :smiley:

Oops, didn’t spot the mistake myself.
Well, looking at your website there is a couple of things I should tell you:

  • first the game niche is actually very bad for adsense, another bad niche would be desktop wallpapers.
  • secondly, placing images above the ads to make it look like they are related to the ads is forbidden by adsense since several years (it was allowed the first years) and you risk a ban from adsense or at least that your site will have ads disabled.

As for the location I would replace yours by 2 300x250 side by side.
Then instead of the one on the right I would add another 728x90 in between the top list, that is right after the top #1 entry and before the top #2.

But also, you need to create channels in adsense in order to track CTR for each individual block to know which ones get clicked the most, then you have to make sure the one which gets the most clicks should come first in your html code (via css positionning) since adsense puts the best paying ads in the first block in the html source code.

Also why don’t you add link units to your page? You can put them in your left column, up to three link units blocks, one above the other, they’ll look like navigation. Yes it takes 2 clicks to earn from link units, but every little bit counts.

thanks for the reply, first were do I have images above google ads? please give me exact link because this is not something that my site should have anymore.
That was changed after I found out that that it was not ok, and if I still were using it I wouldent need to be here with CTR problems haha.

Ok I will get right on it with the channels.

I am on with the ads placements as well, but I still dont’t get what you mean by left column. because I dont have any :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you sure you are watching my site as it is now and now some cache of an old design?


Ok I tested with two cubes and it looked god awful, but I but in two 728x90 instead stacked on each other one image and one text. as I don’t want it to show the same ad by accident.

I also moved up the other 728x90 at 5th place to 2nd as you suggested, and removed the skryscraper on the side.

I have also added all the ads in to seperate channels instead of just one with all together.
Fell free to take another look, and I get back with channel results in a few days.