Unusual activity on my adsense account. extremely high CTR

hello all

i noticed unusual activity on my account from a month , i check my account i have normal position like 3 ctr and 2$ earning.

after some hour i again check and i find that my CTR raise very high about 52 CTR and over 1000 clicks and only 4$.

this happened me 3 or 4 time this month , every time when it happened i remove my ads form site for some days and when i put them back i get this activity again after 1 day and on the same day.

latest this happened me today , i put ad yesterday , in night states were normal , but when i wake up and check in morning i noticed again this problem.

one of my friend has also same problem but he have only two time ,

is there any other who is facing this kind of activity.

any help how to prevent this.


That is such a huge increase in CTR.I suggest you contact adsense rep and provide them your stats so they can look into it else you risk being banned at anytime.

Seems like you are being click-bombed.

Check your logs where the traffic is coming from and try to block them via htaccess.
Besides that report your findings to google Adsense asap.

Yes you should simply contact adsense stating your problem and offering to provide logs, they will not ask for them and will tell you that they’re taking care of it.

That’s it. It’s their job afterall, they’ve been at the problem for over 7 years, I’m sure they got used to it!