Unfollow all my followers on twitter


So 3 days ago I started to follow everyone to gain followers, and in 3 days I’ve been followed by 950 people wich means I can reach 10k followers pretty easy.
I look good in my profile picture and all people like my bio, people is like @… I love yor bio.

Let’s say when I have 10k followers and I unfollow everyone, how many of them do you think will unfollow me back?


Probably most of them. There are programs that check if any followers have left and then automatically unfollows them. You are kind of gaming the system, which isn’t really a good idea on social media. Unless you are offering something valuable and people are following you because they are really interested, your follower count will appear fake and won’t be taken seriously. A lot of the time you see a big follower count it isn’t very impressive, as you know that they have just followed everything that moves to get followed back.

My 2c, anyway.

If you’re collecting followers on the basis of a gimmick and not what you actually post about it’s totally irrelevant if some, most, or all unfollow you as none have relevancy. Your follower count is not a meaningful metric if it’s not composed of people who actually (a) use twitter and (b) care what you have to say.

Of course to ralph’s point, people who followed you on a mutual exchange basis are probably use to this game and while I don’t get the point for you or them, they’ll quickly catch on.

I think the follower count in that kind of scenario is used as some sort of a bait that would make some people think that this person is worth following because he or she has a lot of followers. One thing that I look at is the ratio of the people a person follows and the people who follow the said person. Along with that, I also look at the Tweets that they actually post. Taking those into consideration could help you find out if the person’s genuine or not. Okay, I know it’s kinda off topic, but you get my drift.

On to your question. If you’re going to unfollow those people that you’ve previously followed, there’s a chance that some of them might un-follow you. There’s also this chance that they could have looked at those factors I’ve mentioned before they actually add you. The latter means that the person you followed didn’t follow you back because he or she saw that you’re not really someone who uses Twitter genuinely.

A few years ago I worked my twitter account to 20k followers in a few months. Still have the acct and use it daily. The trick is to only follow around 200 every day, and then at the end of every week u use an automated program (there are several, I think huiter is 1) to un follow those that do not follow you back. DO NOT unfollow ppl who are following u, u will lose them as followers, as long as u delete all that don’t follow u back every week u will always have more followers then ppl u follow.

I don’t want to misunderstand you here but are you suggesting that the right people to follow are only those who follow you? And what does this tactic accomplish?

Well in the context of kvnwpts post

“3 days ago I started to follow everyone to gain followers, and in 3 days I’ve been followed by 950 people wich means I can reach 10k followers pretty easy”

If he is following people for the sole purpose of gaining followers then it is smart to un follow anyone that does not follow you back. However, I have learned from several years on twitter that its not about building as many followers as possible its about connecting with people and having something to say that people are interested in hearing.

If you can accomplish that then twitter can be a useful tool for your business. If you just build a huge following of people and don’t interact with anyone or provide useful content then they will just ignore you.

Most of them will unfollow you. You just follow those people who follow you back and you can check who is not following your via online, There are so many sites like manageflitter.com suggest you who is not following you so just check them and then share your experience.

lol it is not like that you have some limits on twitter :smiley: you can’t follow more than 2000 people initially :slight_smile:

That is exactly why I suggested him to unfollow those that do not follow him back on the way up. That way one will always be following less then are following you and the 2k restriction is lifted.

A whole lot of people are just following you coz u r also following them, and when you un-follow them at least 35% of them will also unfollow you too, as everyone is here for their own interest and most of them really don’t like it that way, and won’t hesitate to unfollow you as soon as you unfollow them, so now it is up to you that what are you willing to do next.

Thanks guys for the answers, I actually unfollowed 2700 people and about 70 of them has unfollowed me yet. It was about 3 days ago I did it.

But my twitter account is going pretty well. I have gained 3800 in about one week.

And what are these I-follow-you … you-follow-me people doing for your business?

This is not about my buisness at all. I just think It’s fun to have a message that reach out to many people. That’s it. :slight_smile:

Wow! 3800 Followers in just a week is something big man! Why don’t you start it as a part time business? I am sure you are going to do very well in that, and can make good amount of $$ through it too! :)…

This is really amazing to have 6358 followers with just 52 tweets. You opted for a bad technique but it worked in your case. As there are many accounts which have been banned by Twitter for following too many people. But you seem to be a lucky champ.

Having 6,000 or 600,000 followers is not the point. It’s the attention, response and impact of those people… And bigger “follower” counts does not necessarily equate to any of that.

This is the bad idea. And i think who are really active on Twitter they un-follow you. and other are just ignore. if you unfollow then no one even know that you are un-following all. This is just a time pass. Pls think some good that really help your profile, business and give some benefit of time. this is wastage of your time.

Not many of the will unfollow right away, but it time your followers number will drop, but in this time you may use other methods of exchanging followers, therefore gaining followers rather then loosing them, all this without following to much people in the end.

That line of thought would make you think of the celebrities who may have just created a Twitter account. If WWE’s HHH would have made a Twitter account right now, I think he’ll have at least a million followers, even if he wouldn’t be able to Tweet that much.