:frosty: It’s snowing outside. Cats is bored, because cats don’t going out in the snow. :kitty:

Sorry cats, but that’s just hard luck … we can’t stop it snowing just for you.

WOW i like snow very much, and it’s yeah it’s sad for cats …

Send 'em out anyway, I say …


Really? Don’t you think the birds have a tough enough time in the snow without having to worry about being chased by cats? I say keep cats in all year round .[/FONT]…

Sorry, going on what I’ve been hearing, I was banking on it being so cold that the cats would freeze to death before they could get up to any mischief … :shifty:


Ah … now I like your thinking. :x[/FONT]

I like to see snow once a year and thats for Christmas and only Christmas.

You won’t like Australia then. :lol:

snow in australia? crazy…& cats most likely are very grateful to stay inside where it is warm. they are not furry little idiots (sometimes they act like it of course…)

Now it is raining - and raining and raining. Even the dogs (generally phenomenally stupid ) look outside and go Nah not going out just now thanks.

What do you have against cats? :eek:

:eek2: You mean, there’s something to like about cats?

Since the beginning of January, it’s been raining in here. It’s quite cold. Not the normal temperature we usually have. We’re in the tropics. I sort of like wear sweater or jacket every time. The sun barely comes out off the thick (dark) clouds. Good thing we don’t have snow. Heavy rain alone feels really cold. Can’t imagine what snow would be like.

Today is the first day in what seems to be forever that we have not had snow. I am currently in Liverpool (UK).


Of course! Same about dogs, horses, birds… :slight_smile:

we have had a lot of snow here in the uk. but finally its all cleared up, like snow, hate slush



:lol: Priceless.

i like snow so much.i like to see snow.sorry sad for cats.