Bejayzus it's hot!

Just thought I’d share celebrations with geeky types in the UK - wooohooooo! At smeggin last!!!

Get out and enjoy some of that sun :smiley: :cool:

25°C here today, things are starting to heat up. A little setback in the weekend, and then we’re going to hit 30 :smiley:

Yeah, 4°C and windy here this morning. :frowning:

Do you still have snow on the ground where you live, or is it just up in the mountains?

Ahhh - another blissful day here…and today I’m not stuck coding all day - woohoo!


Too bad CrazyBanana and AC but hey, you got the boarding :smiley:

I envy you guys terribly. Right now we are experiencing a ‘weather bomb’. I think they are generally referred to as storms by anyone that isn’t a weather presenter. It is CRAPPY out there.

It’s not quite summer yet, but almost. I mowed my lawns for the first time yesterday. And I can’t say I prefer winter (although I like how we have four distinct seasons here). Summer is great, except for mosquitoes, gnats, horseflies and other blood-sucking insects.

Hmmm indeed! :smiley: It’s weird though…We’re known for our crappy weather and we aren’t so bothered about it because we’re used to it, but when it’s surprisingly sunny and warm and scorching hot to the point of sweat from doing nothing then it can become a bit too much to handle…Especially when we’re not used to it! :eek:

I love the hot weather with the Sun high in the clear blue beautiful Sky - It is a motivator for me! :smiley: But I’ve been drinking so much ice-cold water (obviously!) in the past few days that I think I might end up leaking water out the end of my fingers by next week at this rate!

Wow. Not summer then for you yet but still a celebration? Or do you prefer the winter?

Andrew Cooper

Oh yes. Several times since last Wednesday. :slight_smile:

It has been great this weekend, admittedly.

Spent most of this weekend soaking up the weather in some form or another, usually with a cold glass of cider ;). Oh, and a few games of frizbee/footie here and there in the park :cool:

5ºC here, and as soon as the weather gets better i’ll go snowboarding up in the mountains.

I know the effect the sun can have on us migrainies. Wear sun glasses, that helps :slight_smile:

… and the spring flowers are bursting out. But what about the Cuckoo? Have you heard him yet?

The last patches of snow melted away from my property three days ago. :slight_smile:

Not the UK, but we have sunshine here for the first time today, too!

Was really weird today, we had scorching weather this morning and all afternoon and evening, then after 8pm a massive fog fell and the place was really eery and freezing out! :shifty: then within an hour it lifted and was bright and sunny again! funky weather happening here!!

there’s almost no snow on the ground in the village, so you gotta go up in the mountains.

Welcome to the summer! :smiley:

Alex hates sunshine! Sunshine turn brain mushy and migrainey, give Alex the precious winterness! :frowning:

:rofl: I was thinking those very words myself! It’s a scorcher and it’s fabulous here in Ireland too :cool: