Sitepoint Easter Egg Hunt is Over - And the winners are

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hi there.

Hope you guys had a great Easter.

Well, that’s it. Time’s up.

Here’s a full list of the eighteen hiding places;[/FONT]

  1. paul_wilkins
  10. SitePoint Forums - FAQ: Posting and etiquette

Eggs have been removed from the forums – ScallioXTX

[FONT=“Georgia”]Look out for a follow up post with the winners.

Thanks for taking part!


I totally missed the photo challenge thread. I did check Screen Resolution thread, but didn’t check the 4th page. :frowning:

And the winners are …

First place: Becky84, who found all eggs
Becky84 wins a print book of choice, a t-shirt, and an I :heart: HTML cup

Second place: tinybites, who found 17 out of 18 eggs
tinybites wins an e-book of choice, a t-shirt, and an I :heart: HTML cup

Third place: Syam, who found 16 out of 18 eggs
Syam wins an e-book of choice and a t-shirt

Fourth place: ZedWonk, who found 10 out of 18 eggs
ZedWonk wins a t-shirt

Congratulations all! You will be contacted by HAWK to sort out your prizes!

PS. The fifth prize wasn’t won because there was no fifth submission.

Shame more people didn’t submit the eggs they’d found, it was brilliant fun searching around all the forums looking for them!

I’ve been a member on this forum for almost a year now and honestly didn’t realise quite how much useful information there was before now.

Thanks for creating the hunt and giving me something to do :slight_smile:

10 years of SitePointing and finally won a place in a contest :smiley:

D’oh! The egg I was missing was the one on Unobtrusively Zen’s profile, which I’m sure I’ve viewed. Just didn’t expect it to be on the far left…sneaky, guys!

It was a lot of fun to comb through the forums for these eggs. Learned a lot on the way, too. Though I didn’t necessarily sign up for an educational Easter hunt :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to having a Sitepoint ebook to add to my virtual shelf…it’ll be a great complement to the ones already living on my bookshelf.

Thanks again!

I went for all or nothing. Didn’t find all eggs, let alone the secret phrase. It was mean to hide #13 on page 27, and in a thread full of pictures of all things!

What was the secret phrase anyway?

Yes, if we do this again we won’t hide them so far anymore. Page 27 was indeed a bit too much!

The secret phrase was: anonymous function (where egg 13, _, was a space, not an underscore)

Hm, I think the underscore was a bit misleading too. One word being ‘function’ I was expecting the other to be the function name with an underscore in it - over thinking obviously. The fact that it’s a secret phrase, not a secret word, is enough to tell that there’s more than one word, imo. Or it should be empty, not an underscore :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… Congrats to all the winners! :slight_smile:

Congratulations winners!
And thanks to the staff that worked incredibly hard putting this together. You guys rock.

Oh man, I feel terrible. :frowning: I could have got a T-shirt.

Congratulations to all who won, and thanks to all those that took part.

Congrats to the winners!!!

I found a couple but then my time became to limited. Maybe next time…

Congratulations to all. It wasn’t an easy contest.

Congratulations to all the winners… and those who didn’t submit anything… shame one you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to the winners, I wish I had spent more time on it… I never did submit what I did find, I should have, but it was not enough for anything anyways.


Congratulations to all the winners of the Easter Egg Hunt! :tup:

Congratulations too!

Congratulations to all winners.