Sitepoint Easter Egg Hunt 2011 - The Eggs have been Laid!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hello everyone!

The eggs have been laid!


From today, Sunday 17th April, to Easter Sunday, Sunday 24th April, an undisclosed number of easter eggs were hidden in posts of prominent threads across Sitepoint Forums.

The eggs each have a character on them, like this one;

You’ll have to search the forums, and bookmark the URLs where you see them.

When you find them all (will give you clues to how many), unscramble the eggs to solve the secret phrase, then PM us the list of URLs along with the solved phrase to ScallioXTX with the subject “Easter Egg Hunt 2011”.

This will be a race, and the first five persons to submit the completed, unscrambled phrase with links to all the hiding places will get a some sweet Easter prizes, including classic Sitepoint T-shirts * :spf:

(No chocolate unfortunately; The limitations of mailing foodstuffs around the world prevented us from doing that one for you :-/ )

The prizes

First prize
A print book of choice, a t-shirt, and an I :heart: HTML cup

Second prize
An e-book of choice, a t-shirt, and an I :heart: HTML cup

Third prize
An e-book of choice and a t-shirt

Fourth and fifth prizes
A t-shirt

Stay tuned to this thread for clues throughout the day.

And… Happy hunting!


  • We don’t have these classic t-shirts in all sizes anymore, so if you win and we don’t have one in your size anymore you will get one of the new t-shirts, which are of course also totally awesome!

First clue:



[FONT=“Georgia”]New clue: “This egg is handwritten and modern, ironic but humanist, geometric yet amorphous… WTF!”


New clue: Yes, I really do have a son named “; DROP TABLE Students.”


Another hint: Javascript that withstood a February earthquake.


Another hint: :kaioken: (.*) :kaioken:

And another hint: How do I … ?

Happy hunting, there are still prizes up for grabs! :slight_smile:

Hint: “Opt in.”

So it seems I am 3 day late. Better go to work ;))

Hint: I have a frequently asked question about rude members

[FONT=“Georgia”]An easy one: You can find them in any language, and they help you mind your website!


[FONT=“Georgia”]New one: Does this old CRT make me look fat?

(That’s my personal favourite clue.)


Another hint for one of the eggs is: Unobtrusively Zen.

I’m now a little confused, I thought the eggs were only supposed to be hidden in “posts of prominent threads”

I only had two more eggs to find… but now I’m thinking that I could spend the rest of the week and still not find them if I’m looking in the wrong places!

I know some of them are closer than what you would think, Shaun didn’t say exclusively but I am not running this hunt so don’t know where they were all laid.

[FONT=“Georgia”]hint: Who’s afraid of the big, bad base?



[FONT=“Georgia”]We did throw in a pair curve balls for you, that I’m guessing you just found!

All the rest are in threads though. Keep looking. And remember they aren’t all on the first pages of the threads!


hmm… :scratch:

New hint:

What do you see?


Last one for tonight: <? ms ?>