Easter Egg Hunt 2011 - Coming Soon!


We’re having a new Easter Egg hunt! :smiley:

Details coming soon (shhh!), but for now I can tell you it’s starting on the 17th of April (next Sunday) and will run for a week until the 24th (Easter Sunday).

This will be a race, with challenging clues and eggs hidden all over Sitepoint Forums.[/FONT]



[FONT=“Georgia”]Sitepoint shirts and e-book prizes.

Stay tuned, kids!


Sounds interesting!

Can’t wait.

How FUN!! Can’t wait!!!

what?!?! no chocolate prizes!!!

We thought about it, but the risk of it melting while en route was too big (:

That, and they tended to mysteriously disappear before actually reaching the shipping box.

[FONT=“Georgia”]whistles looks around room


Oh my god it’s saturday today and tomorrow is sunday yuppyyyy. I can’t wait more.