Sitepoint Easter Egg Hunt - Last Hours!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Well, it’s nearing that time!

We’re closing off submissions at midnight, Pacific time today (Sunday, 24th April, 2011).

We still only have one completed submission with the secret phrase, so the race is still on. First four persons to send us the full list of URLs with all eighteen eggs, along with the phrase, will pick up some nifty T-shirts and other prizes.

Failing that, however, we still want to give the stuff away.

So I’m inviting everyone with only some eggs to submit as well.

Those who submit the most eggs out of the eighteen before midnight will pick up the available prizes.

Submissions as a PM to ScallioXTX.

Full rules of the contest here.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Three more hours!


The Easter Egg Hunt is over. We’ve revealed where the eggs were hidden and announced the winners here.