Site maps problem

Hello all this is my site
i create site map and upload public.html folder when i try to verify
its show me NOTHING FOUND
why it please solve it

Thank You

What type of sitemap? Like a web page with listing links to all pages, or a sitemap for crawlers?
What’s the filename of the sitemap?

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If you are talking about a “Google” sitemap that would usually be named sitemap.xml but you have no file.

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Also note that now that a URL to a Not Found has been posted you should submit it via GWT when you get one there so Google will know it’s no longer a Not Found

Site maps are to assist crawlers in finding web-pages on your site. There should be a robots.txt reference to the site map name and location of all site map files.

If your site is a single page there will be no benefit in having a sitemap.

How many pages are on your site?

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The only other pages I can find are feeds and they have nothing

And the site has more problems than only a non-existing sitemap.xml file


While I agree there are HTML problems with the site, this is not an HTML question, so I’m moving it to Marketing.

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