No Sitemap is found?

Today i check my Google Search Console and he gives me message like “No sitemap is found for this site”.
During a few monthly analysis, my website ranking goes was down. So my question is Ranking down because sitemap are not there?.

You only need a sitemap if your site is is very large and / or difficult to crawl. If search bots can easily crawl and index all your pages, then no sitemap is required.


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A sitemap, or absence of should not affect ranking directly. But it may help bots find pages that are difficult to find. If some pages are not found and crawled, they will not appear in search at all. But if they are indexed, they will rank on their own merit, regardless of whether they appear in a sitemap.


Remember, it is not a website that is “ranked” but each page individually.


Not having sitemap for your site does not affect your website rankings. Maintain your rankings by optimizing and building quality backlings for your webitse.

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