Bumbling around with this sitemap!

i have an articles blog (WP) attached to my general website. I guess its all WP, but pages are php.

i created a site map a while back online in xml. put it in the root dir and uploaded to google search console thingy.

yesterday i installed the xml sitemap plugin by arne brachold or whatever. When I clicked on my site map in that plug in it only shows blog posts. In the part where I manually add pages i did that to add my general pages.

now I dont know if ive done it right. do i leave that older xml file there in the root dir? or am i supposed to delete it? How do i know its all actually working for google to crawl my site?

IIRC from your other threads, what you have is a PHP site with a WordPress blog attached, so it’s not surprising that the WordPress-generated sitemap only includes the blog pages.

If your site is properly structured, Google (and other search engines) will be able to crawl it without a sitemap. However, these articles should help with your other questions:

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