Sitemap and Seo

I have a site but there is one problem i am getting.
Sometimes my website sitemap show only few indexed posts but sometimes it show all posts indexed.

Welcome to the forums, @yousafzafar8.

Your post is a little confused. Your sitemap (if you use one) is a document in which you list all the pages of your site which you want search engines to index, in order to facilitate crawling them. As this is a document which you create, it should show exactly what you choose it to show.

Do you mean that when you do a search, not all your pages are shown in the results?

Hello dear,
Really your question make me little bit confuse. If you are submitting all the URL which you want to index in the webmaster for crawler, then definetly your URL indexed. There is no daubt about non indexed pages.

Actually, that’s not true - at least, not for Google and probably not for other search engines, either.

Google doesn’t crawl all the pages on the web, and we don’t index all the pages we crawl. It’s perfectly normal for not all the pages on a site to be indexed.


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