Sitemap problem is here

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i don’t know what is the sitemap? plz tell me all about its


If you have a large site, it is easy for your visitors to get lost on the site and not be able to find their way back to a specific page. A sitemap provides a page or pages on your site that provide easy navigation to every page. You will probably want to group the links in logical groups to make it easier for your visitors.

With a small site, you may want to include a description for each page, or as some suggest, just skip having one.

I personally suggest you have one and have a sitemap.xml file. You can give the URL for the sitemap.xml file to the search engines to help them crawl the site and index your pages.

Hope this helps.

Sitemap is which tells search engines about your blog that how much posts you have in your blog.
Sitemap is very important for any blog or website.

when a site have sitemap then it’s easy to crawl by google and thats why google can indexed all the pages of a site for this you have to varify your site by google webmaster tool than you have to genrate sitemap.xml and upload this file in root folder of your site and submit in google.

i think this is enough for you but if you need more then please reply.


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I got some info about sitemap by searching on google. so i want share with u my conclusion.

"Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. XML Sitemaps have replaced the older

method of “submitting to search engines"Sitemaps are a useful tool for making sites built in Flash and other non-html languages search-able.”

Please tell me am I right or wrong and plz put your views if I am forgetting about sitemap.


hello my friends

Thanks for all that I became familiar with what is the sitemap with the help of your guidlines but after knewing that one question arised in my mind that robots.txt and sitemap are the same things because both are tell us “which one links to be crawled and which one not be.” plz clear this problem.

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Can any one tell me where have to put site map and robots.txt?


If you are talking about the layout, Sitemap should be inserted on to the footer or the left panel and you dont have to put the robot.txt file on the website(visual)

Danielnash: The sitemap tells the search engines where they SHOULD index, The robots.txt file tells search engines where they should NOT index. Both should appear in the base directory of your website (as that’s where search engines will look for them). They pretty much have the opposite purpose, here’s some links you may find useful (the specifications for both). Just remember that not all search engines follow robots and some ignore them entirely. :slight_smile:


I hope Sitemap will increase the rankings of ur site and so can be in the footer of your webpages…

In sitemap.hml you show crawlers pages that you want to be indexed.

Check this link it will help you