Site map help

I have a site map I manually created with categories of topics I’ve blogged on but it is too labor intensive to keep updating it. So I downloaded a couple of plugins that are sitemaps onto my Word Press 4.0 site. These include google xml sitemaps and another just called Sitemap. Here’s the link to the Google one

Even though they were downloaded and activated they don’t show up in the widgets but I verified they are active by going into my ftp account and looking in the folders. Is there some way to get a sitemap to show as a page with categories like my manual sitemap…Maybe I am just using the wrong type of plugin.

My goal is to organize my site so people can find topics they want and also improve search engine ranking. Suggestions? Here’s the link to my manual sitemap if you want to see what I am trying to do.

Disregard this post. I found a category sitemap which I am going to use for site visitors and I am also using google xml sitemaps for search engine indexing.

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