WP Theme & SEO & Site MAP HELLP!

I want Work on below link site map and seo and strong this site but I need help Can You say your Ideas to me

it,s not a spam please don’t banned me…Thanks

Welcome to the forums, @perfect200.

I’ve removed the link from your post as it didn’t seem to be relevant.

I realise English is not your first language, but could you please clarify what you are asking?

If you need help creating a sitemap, then search on-line for “sitemap generator”.

If your site is using WordPress, then I believe there are plug-ins available to help with both the sitemap and SEO.


Sorry, you need to explain what you are asking. You have a sitemap, so what is the problem?

I want to got a better site map and seo

Again, what do you mean by a “better” site map?

As @TechnoBear says you need to be more specific with what you are asking for help with. If you want to create a sitemap you might find https://www.xml-sitemaps.com useful.

yes thank you for help

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