Site Maps

I am trying to learn more about these, and I have a few questions:

  • It looks like wordpress at some point made a sitemap.xml for me which is on my server. This is now a few years old. Is it doing any good staying on the server? I have tons more content now than I did.

  • I am looking at re-generating a new sitemap, and it is adding in tons of what look to be different links with duplicate content (for instance and they both have the same content. how should i handle this?

  • should i have any images included in the sitemap?

  • should i end up re-submitting a new sitemap.xml to google bing & yahoo every so often, or how does that work?

Any more tips greatly appreciated!

oh and one more thing - i see that the sitemap generator is showing both and - should i take one of them out?

Resubmit it if there have been changes, to make sure that they get crawled -

Yes you should take out one of those file paths, it could cause a duplicate content issue.

thanks - do the search engines need me to re-submit, or will they always goto my to check? I just submitted last night, but will now take out the duplicates. i didn’t know if i would need to resubmit or not

No, the sitemap is downloaded automaticly.

sitemap are of two types which describes the site structure to Google Bit and Humans as well. sitemap.xml is an xml file which describes the web site structure to Google so that Google can easily crawl and rate your web sites. Sitemap.html is another file which describes the humans that how the web site structure relates. So creating these two files in web site root is always good.