Help me to generate the sitemap in wordpress?

hi friends
i need your help
i have installed this plugin

i activated in dashboard
i got following errors
kindly i can remove these errors

i captured two following screenshot from dashboard of this plugin , kindly help me

i also uploaded sitemap.xml manually in root folder, like i shown in the screenshot.

i dont know, where is the fault

this is my url of website

Please make sure that you have appropriate permission assigned to your sitemap file to write into it. If you have not assigned then kindly assigned the appropriate permission and then have a try.

yeah! it is 777 mode
still same error
i uploaded the manually files into root folder
sitemap.xml and "sitemap.xml.gz
still same error

i changed the path as well

I notice in the second screenshot there is no sitemap.xml on the end of the top input. Also I notice the path it is detecting is different than yours, you might want to use the automatic detection as opposed to the custom location.

WOW ! awesome done dear, so nice of you
i changed into autometic, it’s works

Use Automatic Detection. It will made a sitemap at /sitemap.xml.