Site is giving 404 error when viewed in IE, but is fine in Firefox and Chrome


I am encountering a strange problem with a website.

When I visit in Firefox or Google Chrome, all is well. However, in IE8, I see a very brief flash of the homepage, and then a 404 error saying " The webpage cannot be found."

The site's URL is

Any idea what could cause this? This site has been working for a while with no trouble, as far as I know, and only recently started doing this. I can't think of anything that could have changed with any of the coding that would have caused this.

The site is hosted with Yahoo, I believe.

Would appreciate your input!


Site appears to work in multiple browsers here, very very slow though.

Is it possible your IE is going through a proxy or something that your other browser then isnm't using?


I managed to fix the problem after posting this.

I did some searching, and found this page:

When I turned "Friendly Errors" off in IE8, the page loaded fine. I looked at the headers, and saw that there was a file being called in the stylesheet. Getting rid of the line that called upon that fixed it!


Ah, IE catching a 404 on one part of the page and erroring the whole lot. Its good at that smile


"Friendly errors," my foot. That doesn't really help to throw a 404 up if you can't find one little file! stuck_out_tongue