Page Displaying OK in Chrome but showing as a 404 error in IE and firefox and Webmaster Tools


I’ve got a strange issue and would be grateful if anyone can shed any light on it. the following page is showing up ok in Chrome but is a 404 error on IE and Firefox and is also showing as a 404 error in Google webmaster tools -

Try adding

<!doctype html>

at the top of the index html doc

I get:

The requested URL /hydrogen-technologies/ was not found on this server

In all my browsers.


You might just be seeing an old cached page in Chrome. CTRL+F5 in chrome.

I’ve ctr F5’d loads of times and it is still showing in chrome for me for some reason and also when I preview the page from within wordpress admin which can’t be cached.

chrome and firefox 404 for me too. Try a proxy like anonymouse,org and see if it still errors.

in IE you can do f12 and watch the network activity and see the codes returned (you’ll prob just see the 404 but might be worth a try)

do any other pages in the same folder/directory work?

I thought it might be a typo so I did a Google “site:” search to see if they had something slightly different.

I did notice a couple of “hydrogen transport” video links, but after scanning 10 pages of “viagra”, “cialis” and “propecia” links I gave up. Sorry.

ff console says ‘the character encoding of the html was not declared’…hence my silly previous reply!

& IE console says ‘Invalid HTML5 DOCTYPE. Consider using the interoperable form “”.’

god damn it looks like the site has been compromised as well then but all of the ciallis pages etc are 404’s and webmaster tools has never alerted me to any of those issues

Is the info in the plugin generated sitemap correct?


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