Maybe it's just me, but

I seem to be having problems accessing the SitePoint home page’s blogs and podcast pages without incurring a 404 page while using Firefox 3.6.3, Mac OS X (10.5.8) and yet there are no such problems when using Safari. :shifty:

That’s bloody strange! After deleting the cashe and quitting Firefox all now works as it should have always done?

Erm, sorry about this useless new thread if it’s given anyone at SitePoint an heart attack, but I really was having a hard time accessing anything on the home page without incurring these things…

[B]Error 404 - Not Found[/B]

That is strange. I am having the same issuse. I’m going to restart FF as you did and see if that solves the problem.

Yup, that solved the problem. Still, would like to know why it did that. O well, at least its working again :wink:

Hi Guys,

This problem should be sorted now - it stemmed from a new role management plugin we’re implementing for our blogs which got a little over zealous with the permissions!

Ah, ok. Thank you.