Simple DNS server script

I am on the lookout for one of these software packages to run on our linux server. The reason is that I need to add internal domain names to our private address space specifically for accessing internal services. These won’t be publicly accessible.

However it would be nice if it could pass on any external domain names to our ISP DNS servers.

Basically Im looking for something that has a symple syntax for setting up the config file to set up the internal names without having to worry about complex zone files and updating several files like you have to do with Bind. Most stuff out there seems to be overly complex to install or setup.

Does anyone know of such a script or simple dns server for this purpose?

Off Topic:

Not sure if this is the best forum to ask. If there are no answers, I will move it to hosting. I would assume that they may know about a simple script to do what you want

Well, maybe the forum needs to diversify to survive. Its quite possible that the future isn’t all about PHP and SEO.

I think I found a solution using TwistedNames and Python. I will try to post any progress I make on this here.

Great. Thanks for the effort… and sharing the outcome (when it is done, of course) :smiley:

dnsmasq is pretty light-weight

Ok, that does look interesting. In my case I would probably want to turn off the DHCP part of it as I have the “named” machines on static ip addresses (outside the address range provided by the dhcp pool). However, thanks for the link, its certainly worth a look.

Ok, I just want to say where I got to with this. I used the dnsmasq script and it seemed to work well without much configuration. Just putting the domain names into the /etc/hosts file and dnsmasq served them up fine. In fact centos comes with dnsmasq already installed so that was a bonus. Only tested on two computers on the office network, by manually changing dns settings on these computers, but that was because the Telecom router configuration was too difficult to change for dns only. (Couldn’t be done from the web interface and there were some rather involved commands for doing it via telnet and I didn’t want to risk messing up the network. Its actually easier to turn of the dhcp server mode on the router.)

It looks like dnsmasq does dhcp as well so I might look at that next.